Five Ways to spice up your relationship with unusual marriage relationship advice!

Many people love to give advice on marriage, especially if it’s about intimacy and sex. How can you keep your love alive without making it seem awkward or vulnerable? The best advice for marriage and intimacy comes down to your ability and comfort level.

Consider the beginning of your relationship. What was it that made you feel hot? What was your intimate relationship like? These information can be used to mold these ideas into your own.

Idea number 1: Surprise your spouse by spending a long lunch in a nice hotel. You can arrange for your spouse to take a few hours off for lunch at school with a decorator or other help. You could take them to a nice hotel for a short romantic interlude. This will be outrageous, funny, and completely out of the ordinary. Although it may seem like odd marriage advice, it creates sparks!trial separation checklist

Idea number 2: Wake your spouse up in middle of the night. While we all agree that sleep can be precious, what is wrong with getting woken up in middle of the night by kisses? You may need to seek professional help if you are certain that waking your spouse in the middle of the night for any reason will result in serious problems for your marriage.

Idea number 3: Surprise your spouse in the bath. Offer to wash his hair or wash his back. It could be the beginning of something else.

Idea number 4: Lock the bedroom door while the children are playing down the street or taking a break. Nothing is better than taking a few minutes to yourself in the middle of the workday. It’s almost forbidden but even more tempting. It is a great idea!

Idea 5 — Intimacy doesn’t necessarily mean sex. Grab your wife and dance around the living room. Then, dip her. You can then give your wife a big, juicy kiss when you bring her up. For a while, you can rub your husband’s shoulders. Then wrap your arms around your husband and kiss his back.

These techniques are great for both men and women. These ideas can be used to surprise your spouse and spark old flames.