How to get traffic to your website to make money

Virtually all online marketers fail because they don’t do market research and don’t do testing. I get emails from people day after day who simply launch a website and trust it will start to generate a great income for them. Many have even paid several dollars upfront to design a money-making website.
Basically, market research has two stages. The new research stage is the testing stage. In the new research stage, you will need to determine things like how competitive the market is in my niche. What are the top keyword phrases your entire site is optimized for? In the testing stage, you should use Web 2.0 sites to test your keyword phrases to see if there really is traffic and if that traffic will actually buy.
I’ve announced it before, Traffic doesn’t just come in. You have to create it. And that’s the role home business ideas almost all internet marketers fail at. But not if you study a smart plan of attack on internet marketing. It will increase the success of your website to make money!

Actually, there was a time when you could build a website in a niche and the traffic would come through. But not today. Those years have passed a long time ago! While the Internet is still a marketing advantage, it is still in its infancy. At that point there are a lot of people trying to earn income through internet marketing, and there is much more competition today than two years ago.
So what niche are you thinking of entering? How many Internet sites would compete with your site. You can answer this with a Google search. The Google results page will actually tell you the number of competing internet sites. You also need to know how many searches are running on your main keyword phrase and all of its affiliated subphrases. So let’s take a closer look at these two stages of marketing research. When you find out if there really is traffic and if that traffic will make a purchase, then keep building your website to make money.
It’s hard to know what to do without using free tools. You can get closer with Google’s external keyword tool and the free WordTrackers tool. Simply to get the right numbers you will pay for a paid keyword researcher subscription.