How to Make Posts on Instagram

If you are looking for tips to make posts on Instagram, this article is for you. You’ll learn how to post a photo, how to tag people, and how to send DMs. Here are some tips to make your Instagram posts stand out. Follow these tips to improve your Instagram posts and reach your audience. You’ll have plenty of friends before you know it! Besides using filters to create great photos, Instagram allows you to add captions, emojis, hashtags, and more to your photos. In addition, you can mention friends by adding “@” to their username. Afterwards, you can edit or delete your captions.

How to post on instagram

If you use a desktop computer to post to Instagram, you’ve probably been wondering how to post from your PC. Although the app is designed for mobile devices, there are ways to post from a desktop computer. To get started, sign up for an account at the Instagram website. Once you’re signed in, you can type your caption and add tags to your photos. If you have a camera, you can upload a video straight from the app.

How to tag people in a photo

You can also tag other Instagram users in comments. This works much like tagging in captions. When you choose the username you want to tag, you can add it to the photo without following the person first. Once tagged, the person will be notified and can see the post, but it will not appear on their profile. If you want to tag more people in a photo, you can use spaces between the @ and the person’s name.

How to create a story on instagram

You can add text and stickers to your images to create a custom story. It’s a fun way to promote your content without having to write a novel. You can even include a poll or a question in your story. You can also add filters, text, or images to your story. In addition to photos, Instagram also allows users to add text and stickers to their stories. Follow these steps to create your own custom story!

How to send DMs on instagram

If you want to chat with your friends and family on Instagram, you may be wondering how to send DMs on Instagram. Unlike a standard email, Instagram DMs let you attach photos or videos to your messages. If you’re not sure how to send Instagram DMs, keep reading for some tips on how to do it. You can use the app as a Skype alternative! But before you do, make sure you follow these three steps.

How to set up a close friend list on instagram

If you want to make your Instagram account exclusive, you can add your Close Friends to your story. You can either add people who you already follow or create a new list. Close Friends will not receive notifications when you share a story, so you can skip this step if you already have a list. Creating a new list is as easy as adding a friend. To get started, follow these simple steps: