Online Photo Resizer For Passport Photos: A Comparison

Did you ever think, “I have all these digital photo’s just sitting a here taking up space on my computer.” “What can I do with them?”

Why not put them to good use AND make yourself some vacation money?

Right now there is a need for stock photos on the internet. These digital photos are used for a variety of things. From books, brochures, websites and even magazines and newspaper articles. Designers are often on a dead line. Instead of hiring someone to take the pictures they need, they often go to a popular stock site and do a search using key words for what they need.

When they find the right digital photo they download it. When they download your picture you are paid a commission. That’s every time your picture is downloaded, not just once.

Now that’s a good question. Here are just a few things people are looking for:

A pile of old bricks, a group of friends sharing a coffee, airplane vapors criss-crossing in the sky. A simple glass of wine. People camping, boating horseback riding. These are just a few things. Anything to do with Lifestyle, Holiday & Seasonal Themes, People in groups, or Concept Images.

Sometimes the not-so-obvious can be just the thing someone wants for there website. See if you have any photos that convey those feelings.

These are what are selling right now.

You won’t get rich doing this, but you can make money by selling your digital photos. You can make an average of $1.30 for each medium size image. This may not seem like a lot to you but, that is only a one time figure.

These photos can be downloaded hundreds of times, not just once. The more you submit the more you make. Plus, you can submit them to more than one stock site.

Now that we have digital cameras we can download pictures right to the computer. No more sending them off to be developed. No more waiting around for them to come back. This is allowing more people to submit photos to stock sites and make money.

Now you can earn extra money, maybe even and entire livelihood from your photos. All you need to do is find the right stock site, sign up, (and this is usually for free) upload some photos and watch as others appreciate what you have to offer. Once you get enough digital photos out there you can sit back and watch the money come in.

So in conclusion, lets dig out those digital photo’s and make some money. Don’t let them just sit on your computer taking up space on your hard drive. NOW is the time to get those digital photos out there to earn yourself some extra spending cash.