Professional Makeup Brushes – Natural Vs Synthetic Fibers and How to Choose the Best Cosmetic Brush

If you’re seeking to buy a few professional makeup brushes, you will be marvel which fiber is fine. The answer to this question depends on both your personal desire and the supposed use for the comb. The following is a description of the numerous sorts of hair used to create makeup brush units. Understanding the diverse kind of bristles can be helpful while looking to pick out which brush may be proper for you.

Goat Hair:

Goat hair is the maximum commonplace Microfibre di cheratina fiber used for make-up brushes. The bristles aren’t quite as smooth as squirrel and some of the other natural fibers, however they’re suitable at preserving large quantities of powder. Goat hair is a superb desire for blush, bronzer and face powder brushes due to the fact you will get an excellent software and the makeup won’t get trapped in the brush.

Sable Hair:

Sable hair is tender and best and makeup brushes made from this hair usually have pointy pointers. The pointy shape and softness of sable hair makes it an ideal preference for eyeshadow and eyeliners. As with most natural fibers, the powder is without problems transferred on your pores and skin and doesn’t get left in the back of on the makeup brush.

Pony Hair:

Pony hair is robust and durable. It has a tendency to have a cylindrical form where there may be a constant thickness from root to tip. The recommendations have a tendency to be much less pointy than brushes made from squirrel hair. Pony hair is a versatile fiber and is ideal for powder, blush and eyeshadow make-up brushes.

Camel Hair:

Camel hair is a widely wide-spread time period used to described makeup brushes that are made with a mixture of squirrel, goat or pony hair.

Squirrel Hair:

Squirrel hair is the softest natural hair type. This softness usually makes squirrel hair brushes the maximum costly and also the maximum pricey brushes. Similar to sable hair, the brushes are wide in the center and have a pointed tip, which makes them best as mixing brushes and to be used on eye creases.

Squirrel Mix/Squirrel Blend:

Makeup brushes made with a mixture of squirrel and other herbal fibers are a extra cheap opportunity to pure squirrel brushes.


Synthetic make-up brushes are made from nylon, that’s much less absorbent than herbal hair fibers. Because they’re much less absorbent, synthetic brushes are typically used for making use of liquid-based merchandise. Synthetic brushes usually do no longer last up to herbal fiber brushes.

Duo Fibre: Natural/Synthetic Mix

A mix of herbal and synthetic fibers is typically called duo fiber brushes. This mix of fibers increases the durability, stiffness and liquid managing capacity of the makeup brush. One commonplace kind of duo fiber brush is a stippling brush, which is very famous with people who need an airbrushed quality utility in their liquid basis.