The beginner guide to the online the real world program

Are you looking for the best educational business platform? Do you want to know about the tate new program? The real world is the new program of tate or an improved version of hustler university.

Who launches the real world? Andrew Tate is the founder who improved this old program, hustler university, with this crew and launched the new program for his followers, as the real world. Read the article on the real world tate program to get a clear understanding of all related facts.

Who is behind the real program?

Before using or trying any program online, it is important to research the person behind it. If we talk about the new program, the real world, you have to first know the founder of this program before joining it.

Andrew Tate is the founder of the online program in the real world. In starting, he was well known for his profession as a former kickboxer, but later, he became a social commentator, through which he gained huge success on the internet. After some time, the name Andrew tate also became controversial, and he got banned from social media.

The Real world, educational, and business platform

The real world program is an online business and educationalprogramthat gives mentoring services to subscribers.

  • It is a new program by Andrew Tate, and it appears as his old program, hustler university.
  • According to the program aspects, the real world and HU have many similarities. But the difference is also there based on the host.
  • HU programs are run on a private discord server. On the other hand, the real world tate program is hosted on the reliant infrastructure & messaging encrypted service like a telegram.

How the real world tate come for members

When the program starts, the video begins the people discussing how to make money online.

But it leads to negativity because the students begin to cancel the subscription when they think that the tate in his program are acting like scam artists and going completely against the matrix movies.

According to tate, he has referred to himself as Morpheus, and society is referred to as the matrix that made the act of desperation attack. For this, Andrew Tate is later banned from these social media channels.

After this, take work as an entrepreneur and affiliate marketer and came up with his new program, the real world. The founder’s aim behind this real world tate is only to move the people towards the money making process.