What is Oxford Dress Shoes? How do they differ from others?

The oxford, a traditional style of leather shoe, was developed in Scotland and Ireland. This footwear is made with very heavy leather. The lacing is enclosed. Original oxford shoes used leather that was not tanned. Oxford shoes come in many different styles today. They can be made of leather, suede or synthetics. These shoes are both dress shoes for men as well as women. They tend to be more casual than dressy. Oxfords fall below the ankle. They generally have a cap that covers the toes.

There are five types in men’s open laced oxfords. The open laced shoes feature the sides being sewn on to the top of the shoe and appear as if they are in segments when laced. Open lace shoes, also known as Balmorals, have the laces sewn under each shoe’s front. These laces are over the tongue and create a footwear style that appears one-piece Dress Shoes.

The kiltie model is very popular. They are more elaborate in design and have a fringed-leather tongue that covers the eyelets. The saddle oxfords feature a distinctive saddle-shaped piece made of leather, which is different from other shoes. The wingtip oxford is the most highly sought after of all oxford footwear. The toe of these shoes has fancy leather embroidery, making it look like wings. These shoes are very fashionable and I have many pairs. I have received compliments on my style when wearing them in business environments.

I suggest that you do not settle for anything less than leather shoes if you are serious about oxfords. A pair in Burgundy and black would work best as they will suit most types of pants. You should also have matching belts. Nothing looks worse than a guy wearing black shoes and a dark brown belt. You’ll love the look of your oxfords, as well as their comfort. To give your mare comfort and long-lasting durability, consider a pair of Vibram soles for those who work on their feet.