What is the real world program by Andrew Tate?

Among all the influential figures available on the internet today, Andrew Tate is the one famous kickboxer who comes to sources. He is a world champion former kickboxer who turned into a social commentator and is known for his great controversial takes on a broad range of media topics.

For this, he got banned, but no one had the right to stop him from launching the new programs. With these thoughts and rights, he launched his new program, with the help of these crew members, and the program’s name is “ The real world”.

In simple terms, the real world is an improved and updated version with many newly added things from hustler university. Keep reading the article on andrew tate the real world to get complete details.

Introduction to the real world

The Real world program is the membership, community, and online educational platform that gives way out to people. Tate spent many months creating and launching this program with his crew.

After the hard time spent, Andrew Tate came up with the money making program, the Real world, that teaches people to learn the best lessons to navigate their life.

The matrix and the real world

The landing page where Andrew Tate promotes the TRW contains videos that open the way for people to come together and discuss how much money they can make from the hustler university.

  • The video then tends to Andrew tate the real worldcriticism and these ways. It is a clip of a news reporting anchor on the bans of social media, reports filled on him to investigate for trafficking of humans, etc.
  • Then, this clip shows the students image who cancel their subscription to hustler university by claiming the scam artist tate
  • But in between, there is a scene from the matrix that says,” This act is desperation act.
  • In the presentation, Andrew Tate appeared to lean into the matrix. For instance, the ad refers to the viewer as it loads up to Neo.

Who should join The real world program

Andrew Tate, the real world program is best for people who believe that the traditional education system is a lie. People who start to think that by achieving good grades, and getting a stable job with a good salary, will never be failed where they go they know it all lies.

But this type of person does not escape from the lie. Hence they do not have such ability to face reality. Here the role of Andrew Tate is the real world program that offers you the way out.