What should you know about insurance when sending your car

When your car is sent, you must always worry about insurance coverage. While the majority of cars move without incidents, it is likely that your car can experience unexpected damage.

The type of coverage you need to worry about depending on what cars you send, some policies will exclude antiques and exotic, while other policies may not have sufficient coverage for new cars. Almost all companies will notify you that your car is insured, but the coverage always varies and your car may not be protected.

An insurance policy that covers each and all damage is absolutely no, very careful if someone tells you that your vehicle is 100% insured fully against all damage.

Insurance basics.

All transporter and truck companies are legally asked to bring insurance liability if there is an accident where they are guilty. This can be verified with the Department of Transportation. But the requirements of cargo coverage are not enforced by any government institution and are the responsibility of your sender, you or your broker, to verify. Cargo coverage is intended to protect commodities transported by the operator.

In terms of hauler this car may be up to Orlando Car Shippers 10 individual cars. If the delivery of a car is worth more than $ 15,000 always request an insurance certificate. The certificate will tell you what the policy limit and who is the incision insurance company. The certificate will not tell you certain policy requirements, which you must get from insurance agents.

Insurance limit

Most operators only buy the minimum amount of insurance needed, to save money. This might fail from the true value of the car they sent. Typical automatic transporter will buy $ 250,000 coverage, which comes out to around $ 25,000 per car. If the delivery of a car is worth more than that, your best interest is to find operators with larger coverage. This is a great concern if all vehicles are damaged in a large collision or even a fire.

It is also important to realize that insurance companies will not cover some damage and will have all kinds of limitations, maybe even surprise you to extend what this is, for example:

The story of God (flood, hail, earthquake, tornado …)
Action of terrorism
Glass damage
Stone Chip.
Employee theft.
Insurance policy is generally very complicated with careful words that often require legal experience for full understanding. Read more about the exception of general insurance policies.

Fill in claims

Insurance companies need detailed documentation when submitting claims. Shipping documents such as bill-of-lading must show the condition of the vehicle and damage made to him. This is a standard procedure for shipping brokers to help their customers in the claim process. Some automatic transportation companies, including RCG logistics, bring additional insurance to protect their customers from financial risk. Continence cargo insurance, offered by car shipping logistics companies, adds to the main cargo insurance to provide additional protection.